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  1. NurseReese

    University of Rochester PMHNP Fall 2020

    Thank you! Yes, them providing preceptors is a huge benefit. Congrats on getting halfway through. Wishing you much continued success.
  2. NurseReese

    University of Rochester PMHNP Fall 2020

    How is the program going? And if you don’t mind how are you paying for it?
  3. NurseReese

    AP2 Straighterline Help!!!

    I took it with SL and got an A. It's really not that hard. Unfortunately, my school doesn't accept credits from SL.
  4. NurseReese

    Lab for A&P

    Excelsior offers labs for A&P 1 & 2 now.
  5. NurseReese

    New LPN.. Not sure where to go from here.

    I actually found a job Feb 2013 and haven't had difficulty find one since. thank God!
  6. Hey! How did you start at Excelsior without completing Micro first?
  7. NurseReese

    VEEB LPN PROGRAM for 2013

    I am a VEEB 2012 graduate and it was quite the experience. Yet, I wouldn't trade it for any other lpn program. I passed my Boards on the first try Jan 2013 and started working Feb 2013 in home care. Then landed a staff position on my own unit in March 2013. I'm definitely a proud Veeb graduate!! Best wishes to you all!!!!!
  8. NurseReese

    5 months snd still haven't takin boards

    Oh yea... I graduated 8/17 and took my Boards 1/4... So..that was about 4 & 1/2 mos later...
  9. NurseReese

    5 months snd still haven't takin boards

    I used Lippcott pn Q&A review & Marlene Hurst-PN Review alongside my practical nursing class notes. I feel as tho Marlene's review info really got me in the right mindset for the boards. I only did about 50 of her questions and when I took my Boards I was like "Wow, these are Marlene questions. Know your core content, lab values, know what to do to keep the patient safe, and know what should be done in cases where further teaching "follow-up" is necessary. I passed with 86 questions. I had one math question and I got it wrong, lol. I really believe in the Hurst-Review!!!
  10. NurseReese

    New LPN.. Not sure where to go from here.

    I'm still at it guys. Thanx for your kind words of encouragement. I shall keep you all posted. :)
  11. NurseReese

    New LPN.. Not sure where to go from here.

    Thank you! Yes, they're are plenty of ALF here. I'm on Long Island in NY. I've applied. Just patiently waiting. All while preparing to go back to school for my RN. No rest for the weary.
  12. NurseReese

    New LPN.. Not sure where to go from here.

    It seemed like before I passed the Boards they're were soooo many jobs but not so many after. Ugh! I'm not discouraged just... wanna make sure my t's are crossed i's are dotted :)
  13. NurseReese

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 3

    I'd say 99% It worked for me :) Best wishes to you.
  14. NurseReese

    New LPN.. Not sure where to go from here.

    Aww thank you @TheCommuter I feel welcomed. And, yes I have been everywhere but you're right I do need to be professionally dressed. I usually go business casual. Thanks for the quick reply :)
  15. NurseReese

    Scheduled Nclex PN

    Hey.. @mmichel26 It seems like you have a lot on your plate. I graduated nursing school in Aug and at the end of Aug registered for college classes. I'm a single mom. My son just turned two and just my son and I live alone in out apt (so quiet time.. I don't really have that). In addition, I work 30 hours a week. I realized that school was not a priority and that I needed to study. So, I withdrew from my classes and used the time to study. I used Lippcott NCLEX-PN Plus Q&A along with Hurst-PN Review. Lippcott was great for doing test questions. Made Hurt look like a walk in the park. BUT.. Hurst-PN Review is GREAT for preparing you for taking NCLEX. And, the NCLEX questions are very similar to HURST-PN Review. While taking my NCLEX all I could hear was Marlene in my head. I was like this NCLEX was Marlene all the way. While taking the NCLEX my comp shut off at 86 questions. I was scared to death. I even cried. A few hours after I took the test. I did the Pearson Vue Trick and I passed!! So, don't worry about how many questions you get. Just make sure you know the core information and know what to do to keep the patient safe. Allow, follow-up questions or further teaching questions.. Know that. And, I only had one math question and it was on drop factor and I go it wrong :/ I highly recommend Hurst-PN Review! (Def read the chapter on "How to Tackle a Priority Question" Know the charts in the HURST Review. You need to know the core information while taking the exam remember: 1) I'm taking the NCLEX... there's a problem 2)There are symptoms in the scenerio 3)Can you fix the problem with the options you have been given? I hope this helped Best wishes!!! Reese
  16. Hey guys! I'm a new LPN. Just passed my NCLEX on the 4th. I've been looking for work EVERYWHERE and it doesn't seem as tho many places are hiring.. let alone new grads. I've also applied for my NPI, just got it, and am waiting on my license to apply to be a Medicaid provider. Even though I'm applying to be a medicaid provider I'm aware that is not a good idea to work in that area until I'm experienced. Any advice?