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  1. 0 Hey you guys,

    I just received my ATT last night...I'm going in for my third attempt. For the past 4 months I've been doing nothing but preparing myself for each nclex attempt. I'll be honest, I didn't prepare myself the right way. First attempt I did nothing but questions. Second time I studied the studyguide along with Saunders and did less questions. I progressed the second time around but, that doesn't mean anything.

    This time I'm using hurst, listening to the lectures and understanding the topics. After that I plan on watching the kaplan videos, attend the online class sessions, and studying from their book while utilizing Saunders. I'm also studying with someone online and it's helping me...I'm getting review maybe 4 times!

    I already chose my date and I have a Month and a half to take the nclex once again. I also was thinking of purchasing 3 weeks for ncsbn towards the end of my studying. My concern is...will I be prepared by then? Knowing myself I can do it. I just would appreciate some advice and If you guys think this is a good study plan.

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    You don't want TOO many resources it just confuses u...I used hurst for content and Kaplan for questions..just keep doing questions and read the hurst book over and over plus going over the rationales..third time is charm!! Good luck and don't forget to PRAY!!!
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    But HURST doesn't cover everything...that is a concern I had. Thanks!
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    Yessss I know...I had the same problem so I did use PDA and Kaplan...
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    Ok great! Then I will stick to the schedule...maybe minus Saunder's we'll see!

    Thanks again
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    Just have a good reason for selecting the answers you choose. If you don't have a good reason, look at your other options. Good luck!!!!!
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