Scared to check....

  1. I took the NCLEX PN on Feb27 and I m so scared to check. I did all 205 questions and walked away feeling EMPTY. It too me forever just to schedule the test so I m just glad I worked up the nerve to do it. The questions seemed pretty doable...there were a few where I was like HUH??? WHAT?? but not many. I live in CA and they say it should take a minimum of 3 weeks. I m scared to even do the PVT! lol....
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  3. by   CYoungLPN
    Check the pvt look at it this way...u could have passed! U could be celebrating & basking in all ur nursing glory ur wasting valuable celebration time Lol

    Or u could have failed & that's sad BUT wouldn't u want to know ASAP so u can start figuring out how u should start studying again

    I checked like 3 hours after I took mine back in Dec. & I'm glad I did I passed and it went from a crazy nervous day to a huge weight lifted

    So just check & ask God to give u strength!!
  4. by   asantewaa13
    I had to answer all the questions too and I didn't want to know when the results came out. My husband had to check for me and I had passes! Just get it over with soon and save yourself the adrenaline overload from all the stress.
  5. by   rachmateo
    On my first attempt of taking the NCLEX, I took it with one of my friends who I graduated nursing school with, and we both took the maximum amount of questions. We both tried the PVT, mine went straight to CC, and she got the good pop up. Even though it wasn't the outcome I was anticipating, I was relieved to have known right then and there so I knew what to expect once the letter came in. It helped me better prepare myself for the next attempt and come up with a better study plan too. I took the nclex for the 2nd time on Feb 6th &passed

    I would say go for it and check it! You'd only either be celebrating (which I hope you end up doing) or figuring out a new study plan.