Saunders review CD

  1. I'm using Saunders mostly to study for NCLEX. I'm using the yellow (5th ed) book and Kaplan's content review.

    For Qs, I'm mostly using Saunders and getting an average of 80% on the content exams/assessment.

    I scored 95% on my exit HESI.

    I take the NCLEX in 2 weeks. What are my chances if I keep this up?
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  3. by   SNB1014
    funny you ask that. i keep getting solid 80% for the vast majority of the content area quizzes. i am hoping that it resembles the nclex, b/c that sure would be reassuring!
  4. by   Staragate
    Anybody else? I'm dying of curiosity.
  5. by   emptyboxcars
    I would also love to know the answer to this. I find that Saunders helps me recall (and retain) the material much easier than something like the NCLEX 4000. I find Saunders to be far more effective for studying. However, I wonder if the questions on the NCLEX itself will resemble questions found on the NCLEX 4000, which seem to me to be more difficult than Saunders. I look forward to seeing some answers on this as well.
  6. by   hearts895, RN BSN
    Saunders is great for content, but in all respects the NCLEX is much more difficult and most closely resembles Kaplan. I recommend Saunders for review, but Kaplan to get a feel for the actual test (the screen even looks the same).