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    I am going to take the NCLEX-RN next Wednesday. I am from Spain and I have been a nurse for 11 years. I didn't have to take a test like this in Spain. Once you finish the University you get the license straightaway .

    I've been studying really hard for the last seven weeks. I used Maryann Hogan book and I am doing more than 100 questions every day from different sources: NCLEX 3500, 4000 and Saunders Comprehensive Review test. My scores are around 70% . I am not sure if that is enough but I cannot improve them at all. But currently, my real concern is about SATA questions. I am having a big problem with those. If in the NCLEX I am going to have many of them, as many people is saying, I don't think I'll be able to pass it. For me are very difficult. I cannot answer right SATA questions. I am very discouraged and I don't feel confident for the next Wednesday..

    Please if you can give me some tips I really appreciate..
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    Priority, Delegations, & Assignments by LaCharity will help you with SATA questions.
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    I just bought it...I know that I don't have so much time but anyway it can help to me..

    Thank you BolBol
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    I passed NCLEX-RN last week. I used N-4000 and Saunder comprehensive 5th CD to practice SATA. It helps a lot. The SATA in the real exam are more easier and straightforward than N-4000 and Saunder. Your review test score is higher than my. You should be ok. Good luck to you!
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    Than you very much Bayou... As you probably know, it's being a hard time. Your words are very important to me! I'll keep working then with Saunders questions and N-4000... [FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]The book by La charity may help but I don't have enough time now to finish it..

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