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Hello. I hope this is the right place to post this question. Anyway, I've taken my NCLEX last December 2011, but I did not pass, so I'm planning to take it again this June or July. I've applied in California and found the... Read More

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    Quote from JJ2012
    hi guys! any update w/ regards to your request to reapply/repeat examination fr cali board of nursing? i took nclex mid-2011, and didn't pass. planning on submitting reapply/repeat examination, BUT having second thought. i've heard cali board of nursing have not been releasing ATT for int'l/foreign nurses as of Sept 2011. they said, has something to do w/ 'CONCURRENCY' issue, though not a new rule. they're stricter and giving more focus on local/US nurses...

    @kiderisan: any update? thanks...
    Suggest you read the Nurse Registration forum under the World tab above

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