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    I took my NCLEX in Ohio today, did the PVT, and I got a pop up stating "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your member board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time." Does this mean I passed?

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    I'm hoping so cuz that's what it said after taking my boards today as well! Apparently its pretty accurate...so they say...
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    I haven't heard of one person where the pop up was wrong.... Also my results were available on this site continentaltesting.net before the quick results
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    Yes It means you passed! I took my test on Saturday 2/2/13 got the same message, and just spent 2 angonizing days waiting and wondering if it was really true, did I really beat this thing?! I checked my BON and Pearson vue this am, and it says "Passed!" I wasnt a believer until today! Time to celebrate!! You did it!
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    HI this is my first time in this Web i took my exam on 1/30/13 i make a mistake i was in break i check my phone because my son was sick i just look at the text and now i cannot view my exam,i go in the pvt and he keep telling me i register already i don't even no if i pass or fail is been very stress for the past week please help me if any one was that kinds of sutiation
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    I hope so!!! Thank you all I have been reading about false positives and there is not many so I am praying the PVT worked!
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    Where did you read about false positive results? Now you've got me worried :/
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    Quote from julz68
    Where did you read about false positive results? Now you've got me worried :/
    It's in another thread here, and yeah, it occasionally happens. It's also possible to get the "bad" pop-up, and still pass. If you can get the quick results, do that. I don't of anyone who passed with Pearson but wasn't given a license. That doesn't mean it's never happened.

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