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PVT HELP!! - page 2

OK, so my BFF just got done with her test and has over a 2hr drive back home so she called to have me do the PVT for her. I got a different pop up that said "Results on hold"...what does that mean??... Read More

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    Quote from shayp
    someone help....I received a good pop up yesterday, then today I received a bad pop up my status "results not available "
    Same thing with me and I would check daily since the 15th of August. My good pop up is no longer there 😞
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    It's a trick. There is no guarantee The results often change with updates to the PV website. You cannot rely on the PVT as a guarantee of licensing as a nurse, no matter what anyone says. There have been numerous false positives. & false negatives reported over the past few months. The unofficial "accuracy" based on informal polls was 75-90%.

    If you have access to quick results, pay and ease your mind as aside from the official BoN results letter that is the only accurate answer for pass/fail on the NCLEX.