Praise The Lord! I passed the RN-NCLEX

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    Glory to be in the highest....

    I took my exam on Tuesday, 05/28/13 and itsofficial I passed. My name already appears on the BON website. This was my second attempt to take the Nclex. The first time, I ran out of time and was extremely nervous. The second time, I requested prayers from some of my friends who are prayer warriors to be praying for me during my exam. Praise God, I did passed with 81 questions. Another thing I took Jesus into the testing center. I also quoted this scripture, "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind."
    Now, it also required me to be studying diligently

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    Congrats to you! I love the positive vibe! Lets me know everything is possible with the help of God!
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    Congrats to you, praise God!!! I need it too
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    Congratulations! Goodluck!
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    Congratulations to you! you inspire us! Goodluck & Godbless!
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    Thank you, God'sChild30. Yes, I agree everything is possible with God
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    Thank you marygeller. Praise God, you can do it too
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    Thank you Halen21. I am glad this inspiredyou. The night before the test, I listened to John Olseen on YouTube; he wasJoel Olseen's father. He pumped me up and I felt I could do all things through Christ and I did I beat the Nclex monster.
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    YEEEESSSSSS!!!!! Take the Lord with you. He never fails! Congrats!!!!!!
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    Thank you so much FaithGurl93. He sure doesn't fail you. He has even blessed me with my dream job already. God bless you FaithGurl93

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