Pending.....what does it mean?

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    I called and bugged the State of California boards for my results. and the lady said "ohh...i cant give you a results over the phone it will take blah blah weeks...but i can check to see if its been 'issued'..."

    then she went on to say...oh "it says its still pending..."

    what does that mean!?!?

    Sorry all im going crazy! I just want to be a out there on the floor already. I dont belong at home! I belong in a patients room!

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    Are you sure that they have received everything? If they are missing even a picture, it is going to be pending until then. And they will not notify you. It is your responsibility to follow up with them.

    Did you do the RN or LVN exam? And how long ago? It can take several weeks for the RN results, as your file needs to be evaluated by hand.

    The LVN takes on average about one month until you have a license in hand. You do not pay the fee for the license until you have actually passed the NCLEX exam, and it takes a few weeks to find your score on average.

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