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  1. IcantThinkofaName


    Appendectomy care plan? any ideas?
  2. IcantThinkofaName

    Refusing oral care!

    Go for a pysch Consult..from the pysch consult go from there. is the patient competent enough to understand why she needs oral care? etc. etc. then idt meeting..have the patient sign that they understand the consequences of not having oral care...monitor it in your MAR etc...but yeah go for that Psych Consult asap.
  3. IcantThinkofaName

    starting HH

    Im starting home health tomorrow! ive been a medication nurse for almost a year and I feel like transitioning to a wound care nurse feels like starting over from scratch again! I have a lot to learn. Has anyone ever been in this position? And how hard was it to transition?
  4. IcantThinkofaName

    What to do when state comes in?

    we're getting surveyed started today at 6am!!!!!! they came like a whirlwind!!!!
  5. IcantThinkofaName

    Why Does It Seem That RN's Hate Us and Hospitals Don't Believe In Us??

    Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse....note the word Licensed. Means we're licensed.
  6. IcantThinkofaName

    What were your clinicals like?

    Our clinicals...were...interesting..aside from the fact that one of our instructors was on some kind of trip where she was screaming at the top of her lungs threatning to call security if one of our fellow students didnt leave because according to the teacher the student was 1 minute late...and on everyone else's clock INCLUDING the hospital she had well over 2 min. to spare. it was so bad the nurses heard across the hall and told us they were going to complain to our school because it wasnt right the way our teacher handled the situation. talk about someone needing ativan
  7. IcantThinkofaName

    Why Does It Seem That RN's Hate Us and Hospitals Don't Believe In Us??

    Why would it be on the RN's license? I mean, isn't the whole purpose of being LVN is so that their license is the one that will be held accountable? Im aware that RN's are in charge of the lvn's so to speak, but it would be our own license (LVN) that would be getting hurt.
  8. IcantThinkofaName


    thats awesome!!
  9. IcantThinkofaName

    What to wear?

    Hey what should i wear to fill out an application to a facility?:uhoh21: i know dumb question huh? what can I say...Im..new lol
  10. IcantThinkofaName


    woohoo thank!
  11. IcantThinkofaName


    Hey all..i have to take a test for this hospital all calculations! Is there a site where I can practice my drip factors and the desired over have stuff?
  12. IcantThinkofaName

    School you'll be attending

    Im currently just waiting to get in the LVN-RN program at Cypress Community College in CA. This semester is my last semester to get in any pre-req's (2 more weeks of school yes!!!).
  13. IcantThinkofaName

    How far do you guys drive to school?how much was your tuition?

    80 miles a day. $18,600
  14. IcantThinkofaName


    Los Angeles and Orange County area here in California.
  15. IcantThinkofaName


    I don't know about you guys, but 99% of employers only seek those with "One year experience"...its like...uhh..how do you expect to get experience if no one wants to hire new grads. :rolleyes:
  16. IcantThinkofaName

    Drop off where?

    Hi I just got my license i want to know if i apply is it better to do it in person or online? if i do it in person where do i go? the human resources department?