Pearson vue trick.... Pearson vue TRUTH? - page 3

I took my NCLEX today, stopped at 175. Did the PVT one hour after I took my exam, got the "good pop up". I hope it's true! I failed my first time, answered the max amount of questions, did the PVT an... Read More

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    Quote from Mayjoyarceo
    Thank you for that informative messages. Il cross my fingers. God is good all the time.
    Not including the weekend, I waited 11 days for my letter to get in.

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    How much did u pay for ur pn license? How long can u see your name online? Thank u so much for your time and response.
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    Congratulations I will be graduating from LPN program in August I can't wait to share my NCLEX-PN Story with everyone!
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    Good luck. Just believe in your self u can make it.

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