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    Hello guys, can we find a lot of sata strategies in this book?

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    I don't think so. I have the PDA book and have not seen one SATA question so far. For SATA I have been using NCLEX 3500 from the link that is floating around on here. I torture myself by making tests full of only alternate form questions.
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    @boubou That nclex 3500 link opens only for some time. After that they said no service available. Is this only happens to me? Any solution?
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    @Raj89 This happens to me as well. I bookmark my tests every ten questions or so. I think the site cannot handle so much traffic. In addition I PMed you an additional resource.
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    That website has been having difficulties for a month or so. If you click refresh it will clear up. Also, if you access it at night it works fine. If you are in the middle of a test and it does that to you keep clicking refresh. It will work.
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    no, but lacharity PDA helped me answer 90% of the questions when i took my exam, including some SATA's.

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