passed RN-NCLEX with Kaplan. PVT worked! passed RN-NCLEX with Kaplan. PVT worked! | allnurses

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passed RN-NCLEX with Kaplan. PVT worked!

  1. 0 I took my NCLEX-RN today and passed! My license # was actually posted in less than 12 hours from the time that I tested. I tried the PVT about 6 hours after my test and it would not let me register.

    I took Kaplan (classroom) and my scores were as follows:
    Diagnostic Exam - 57%
    QT1 - 61%
    QT2 - 63%
    QT3 - 55%
    QT4 - 55%
    QT5 - 58%
    QT6 - 66%
    QT7 - 60%
    Readiness Test - 68%
    I did 61% of the Qbank and got a 53%. I took the test 6 days after my last Kaplan class. I took notes in class and reviewed every rationale on every question I did.

    My test stopped at 75 questions and I can honestly say that wasn't 100% sure on any of the questions. I felt like it was extremely hard. It also seemed like I was getting the "failing" questions which really discouraged me. I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO MATH or HOT SPOT questions! Lots of priority ?'s, about 7 SATA, and 2-3 ?'s that I had to put in order. This was my first time taking the NCLEX-RN but I did take the NCLEX-PN less than 2 years ago.

    I didn't do anything the day before my test! I rested to prepare for test day. Hope this helps you all.... IT IS SUCH A RELIEF TO KNOW THAT I NEVER HAVE TO TAKE THE NCLEX AGAIN! Wish all of you the best of luck!
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    Same thing happened to me. I felt like I was getting the easy questions, and that worried me. I didn't get any math questions either. How weird. I got the good POP up though! Congrats to you!! I know this is such a relief!!
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    I took my test today. I did the pvt and i got the pop up. I pray that this trick is accurate. Will let you guys know once i receive my official results.
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    Same here about getting the easy questions in the end. I was almost crying in the beginning because I can't get anything right and at the very end, I was all like, are they seriously asking me these questions? I swear my last 5 questions were so easy and "simply written" so I was so scared that I failed.
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