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I am so excited!! I took the test on 03/29 (before all the scary changes LOL) and just saw my name on the BON website!!! I studied for about 2 months. I was terrified about getting 265 questions, so... Read More

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    Quote from chikah_dorah
    hi, My exam is on May. When will you take your exam? Are you from texas too?
    Goodluck to your May exam. I am from texas. I took my first nclex march and unfortunately failed. I haven't scheduled for the second (will be the last) exam yet because i want to have more time in studying. At first i was hoping i would pass even if i did not have much time studying. But i failed. I was so devastated but at the same time i knew deep inside i was not ready. And this time am breaking a leg to make it happen! And of course prayers!

    You have a big chance to pass in your first attempt because u have just graduated, i mean it's still fresh. Me, i graduated nursing more than a decade ago, been practicing as rn back home and other countries. Now am here in the US and must pass the nclex so i can start working in this profession.

    Study hard and pray!
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    It says: "Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page" i can't..
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    Quote from Ana Claudia
    It says: "Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page" i can't..
    You know how to have sufficient privilege? Hehe
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    i actually graduated 3 years ago... im also having hard time studying. Anyways, im from Houston. I mjust using la charity, and saunders... and listening to youtube lectures.
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    Hi Ana, I just want to know if you can give me some tips for TOEFL?thanks
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    At the TOEFL the part that counts the most is the writing. They will give you a topic and you have to write about it. You have to type fast, the time is limited.. I did lots of practice tests on line, and practiced my speech.. They will give you 2 topics to listen, then you have 30 seconds to relate them.. It was a little hard.. but not impossible! Practice a lot! Good luck!!

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