Passed NCLEX-RN on third try!

  1. Hello fellow and future nurses! Before going in to take the NCLEX for the third time, I promised myself that when I passed the beast I would post my experience to encourage and motivate others, as most of you did for me. So to begin with, I graduated in June 2012 and planned to take the NCLEX in August. My school offered Kaplan and so I decided to follow Kaplan's guide for a guaranteed pass. I studied to the best of my abilities and went into the testing center confident that I was going to pass. Well, 2 hrs and 75 questions later...FAILED! I went through the stages of grief, mainly stuck in the denial stage and finally decided that I needed to move forward. I scheduled my second test date for December. I knew I needed to try a new method of studying as Kaplan alone was not working for me. I purchased Saunders, LaCharity, and used kaplans Qbank questions. I studied for about a month and a half and knew the second time would be the charm. I walked in feeling prepared and confident that I would pass. This time...6hrs and 265 questions later..FAILED, again! Picking myself up after this defeat was extremely difficult. I could not find any motivation to move forward as I felt like I was doing my best and always coming up short. The one thing that pushed me to schedule my third testing date was knowing the difficulty of the exam was going to change beginning April 1st. I did not let this scare me but I definitely did not want to take the test after this date. So I scheduled my third date in March 2013. Of course I felt what most repeat test takers felt; like every ones life was moving forward while I felt stuck. I turned to motivation and advice at allnurses since you all are people who truly understand the road to becoming an RN. I read many threads, some motivational and some that only increased my anxiety. As soon as I felt prepared to study again, I purchased NCSBN learning extension's three week course. I mainly used them for their questions since I simply could not narrow my answers down to the better of two and knew I needed to build my strength in this area. And to be quit honest, I learned more content this time through answering the questions and reading the rationales. My course ended one week before my test date and for that remainder week I used NCLEX-3500 (free online) and answered 20 questions at a time answering about 150 questions a day. Although most say not to study the day before the exam, I did. I answered questions for about 3 hours and glanced over the study guide that I found on allnurses. On the day of I woke up excited and confident that this would be lucky 3! The test stopped at 75 questions and I knew walking out that I had to have passed. I had about 30 SATA questions, 5 drop down questions and the rest were mainly medications (psychiatric) and prioritization/who do you see first type of questions. I came home, did the PVT and finally got the good pop up! I ran around the house screaming and 48hrs later saw my name on the BRN website. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and for those of you who are repeat test takers, do not lose motivation. Look in the mirror every day and tell yourself that you will soon be an RN, and believe it you will be! You must believe in yourself before anyone else does! I hope to have motivated at least one person! Good luck to everyone!
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  3. by   0pepper
    Congratulation! Just recieved my result awhile back and i failed for the 2nd try. I think im ready to give ip this career. But anyway im happy for you! You can breath in and out and celebrate your success!
  4. by   NurseJTG
    Thank you! Do not give up. You went through nursing school and completed such a major accomplishment. Do not allow this test to defeat you and break you. Allow yourself time to heal and pick yourself right up and tell yourself from day 1 that you will pass this time! I personally ignored my results that were mailed to me and studied everytime as though it was the first. You have to identify your weaknesses and master that. Please let me know if there is anyway that I can be of assistance to you.
  5. by   bluebonnet12
    Congrats! Such an inspiring story
  6. by   odeth1
    Congratulations, you have inspired me. I felt as if i was gonna bottom out. This is my second time, testing on april 10. I started ncsbn a week ago, not doing very well on their questions. Mostly 50 -65. I am really concerned. I am trying as hard as i can.Did feuer nursing review, pda..lacharity some saunders and now ncsbn.
    I get anxious when i get low scores.
    But reading your story gives,me hope. Congrats the best!
  7. by   NurseJTG
    The only way I could remember infection control was through the mneumonics I found somewhere on this site. (Spiderman, MRS WEE, My Chicken has TB). this was very helpful and helped me answer those questions on the actual NCLEX. Best of luck
  8. by   NurseJTG
    Hello, I used NCSBN learning extension for 3 weeks ($50). Saunders comprehensive review 5th edition. Linda LaCharity prioritization, delegation, and assignment. These were the only things I used for my third attempt but I felt that NCSBN was the most helpful. Best of luck!
  9. by   NurseJTG
    I am so glad you feel inspired! Best of luck to you on your future exam. Do not look at your scores, as I also scored in those areas. Instead try to understand why you chose the incorrect answer vs the correct one. This will help you understand how you should be answering nclex type questions. It is not enough to know the content, knowing how to answer these type of questions is a major part of passing the exam. Stay motivated and mostly positive and you will pass!
  10. by   NurseJTG
    Thank you so much!
  11. by   jpinay28
    Thank you so much for sharing ur story.. Very inspiring, I'm taking mine for my third attempt..
  12. by   kayvary
    Congrats! Thanks for sharing your story
  13. by   neliztanee
    Quote from NurseJTG
    The only way I could remember infection control was through the mneumonics I found somewhere on this site. (Spiderman, MRS WEE, My Chicken has TB). this was very helpful and helped me answer those questions on the actual NCLEX. Best of luck
    what do they mean? the spiderman, mrs wee and chicken?
  14. by   Bella2917
    It's an acronym.for all the precautions....u can get it on the 35 page review