Passed NCLEX RN 2017 with LOW Kaplan scores!

  1. I wanted to share this post in hopes in bringing assurance, encouragement and affirmation to anyone who are discouraged about their kaplan scores or just the NCLEX in general.

    A brief background about me. I took my pre-nursing in california and finished up nursing in the Philippines in 2015. i took sometime to recooperate and then started reviewing. I used a total of 5 sources to study. I just took the NCLEX this past April 13, 2017 and passed (PTL)!! I have been going to this website for a couple of months now and I told myself that when I passed, I will come back here and share my experience in hopes to help someone in this NCLEX journey.

    I took the Kaplan In Person Review and it was very helpful. I know that some people have their opinions on kaplan but I just wanted to share from another point of view. I believe that Kaplan set me up for success. It gave me the essential steps and built my stamina in order to face and conquer the exam. I didn't always score high on my qbank/traniers and it really brought me down. But after much support and encouragement from my loved ones, they affirmed me that these qbanks are just TOOLS to help you, it doesnt evaluate you as a nurse. With all honesty, Kaplans' questions are so similar to the NCLEX that while i was taking the exam i felt i was just taking another qbank/trainer. You don't necessarily have to score above 60% but as long as your above 50% i think you will be fine. But of course you must put your part in completing the qbanks, the trainers, remediating the rationales etc. Overall, with combination with faith in God and your constant commitment, dedication and determination, i believe success is attainable and that this exam is indeed passable! Be confident in yourself, Trust God in His leading, and allow Him to show you that He does have a plan for you! know you did your best and walk in the testing center knowing that all things will work out for those who love Him (Romans 8:28)! Don't let anxiety be the cause of failure, but be positive! you will become an RN! God has a plan! Take each question one at a time and soon enough, before you know the screen will shut off and you will leave knowing you did your best. God bless guys, praying for success in this NCLEX journey!

    **If you have any more questions regarding tips on how to pass, please do not hesitate to ask!! :]

    Diagnostic Exam-61%

    QTrainer 1- 57%
    QTrainer 2- 64%
    QTrainer 3- 53%
    QTrainer 4- 53%
    QTrainer 5- 61%
    QTrainer 6- 58%
    QTrainer 7- 55%

    Readiness Exam-62%

    Average Qbank: 55%
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  3. by   Maria128
    Hello ,
    Thank you for your experience.
    How to get kaplan ?
    thank you
  4. by   shaneqool
    hi maria128,

    you can enroll for kaplan online or call them. just type in or kaplan NCLEX RN in google:]