passed nclex pn

  1. I studied for 3 weeks after graduation...every day...out of 4 different books, plus online quizes, and aps on my phone. I was confident going in, really wasnt that nervous, which surprised me. Got to question 85, and was done, i thought, either i knew what i was doing and passed, or, i didnt study enough. Walked out feeling like a total failure.

    I did the pearson vue trick late that night, i got the pop up that said i couldnt register, that set my mind at ease. Another girl in my class tested when i did, got the 205 questions, did pearson vue trick, went to credit card page to pay. Her gvn status dropped off the bon next morning.

    Next day, my LVN status hit the BON!! Am happy my test taking is now over!! The nclex wasnt hard like i thought it would be but wasnt easy either. I just think there is no proper way to study. Its the unsure of the next questions that makes it so difficult.
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    Congratulations, nurse
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    What is the Bon website look up ? Link
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    Never mind I found it
  7. by   Mayjoyarceo
    Congratulation. Il be taking my nclex pn soon. Il put my trust in The Lord and il work 110 percent.