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I know it can be very discouraging when you fail a test as big as this. I have been there and I am willing to help anyone with study materials if they would like. I used the following 1. Prayer... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
    Guys can I please remind you of the Terms of Service of the site and not to ask for copyright material. If living in the US then any good bookstore or online store like Amazon will carry the books if outside the US then I am sure either Amazon or any local good bookstore can get the book
  2. by   RN-GO
    Yes lol..thanks I meant anyone..(swype texting smh)
  3. by   RN-GO
    Thank you! You can purchase the kaplan book at barnes and noble and I heard hurst has a book in stores also. If u have a friend you guys can share the hurst online lectures.
  4. by   down4michelle24
    Hey guys,

    I took the Nclex Rn once before and I failed . I'm
    Talk it again on January . I am feeling very discouraged . I am lost Idk what to do . I have Kaplan, Kaplan book , exam cram . My scores are 59-60%. I do feel I am retaining info . I just feel weak , like I can't pass this test .

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  5. by   down4michelle24
    I haven't tried hurst nCsbn . I can't afford them

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  6. by   Kuyafern
    hi everyone,
    I finally received my ATT. Planning to use the NCSBN online review. I wanted to know if this program has any audio/video that covers the lectures or is the reviewer all reading based materials? I know some online reviewers have both video and audio and some only have audio lectures. I just wanted to know how the NCSBN online review works.
    At the meantime, I've been using Saunders 5th edition for content. I'm excited but nervous at the same time.
    Thank you all for any suggestions. =)
  7. by   down4michelle24

    this is my email address

    Thank you

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  8. by   RN-GO
    The NCSBN is reading based. I do think is that the amount of information they give you is very overwhelming and I didn't go through it this time around. I used hurst as my content review and used NCSBN for practice questions. I will suggest whenever you do questions write the rationale for reach question and use that not book as a review when ur not by a computer. I did that and it helped a lot.
  9. by   Kuyafern
    Thank you so much! Since you've said that the questions are just like the nclex questions, I think I will give the NCSBN a try. Congratulations on passing the exam. Best of luck to you!
  10. by   RN-GO
    Thank you! The content that NCSBN covers is pretty much what I head on the NCLEX but every review that u can get ur hands on is good.
  11. by   Dordol123
    Quote from FinallyPassed
    Thank you! The content that NCSBN covers is pretty much what I head on the NCLEX but every review that u can get ur hands on is good.
    Thank you soo much
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  12. by   Danielle318
    Please email me Also can you tell me how to put the videos on my phone
  13. by   dsingson5

    I'm pretty anxious. My test is on Dec 17th. NCSBN tips would really help.

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    Thank you,
    David S.