Passed nclex! Lower kaplan scores

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    I was so stressed because my kaplan scores were below what they wanted but I passed! So don't stress! I read the ati comprehensive book, kaplan review book and the hurst book... I felt like nclex was so random so I just give credit to myself not one particular review book.. Thanks for everyone's tip! They were very helpful!

    Diagnostic 61
    Qt 1- 51
    Qt2- 63
    Qt 3-56
    Qt 4- 60
    Qt 5- 59
    Qt 6- 56
    qt 7-59

    (I did 100 questions from the qbank with a 58% avg)
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    Hey B- did u take it today? or yesterday? do u know u passed from the PVT trick? I took it today and got the apparent "good pop up" but im still skeptical... cuz i did 75 questions and felt like i failed it.. i thought kaplan was was harder than the actual nclex
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    I took it yesterday and got the good pop up and then checked the board of nursing this afternoon and my name and license info was up there .. Still didn't get the pearson quick results.
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    Congrats! im just having a little anxiety because I'm getting the pop up but my name isnt on the board yet and also, i checked it like 4 times.. what state do u live in? i wonder if that matters???
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    Check state board after 24 hrs usually... might be longer for other states..depending on where you live. Am waiting for my results tomm. I cannot sleep.. OMG!
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    Oh I've been a mess lol.. I live in NY they seem to be quick
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    I have a headache from not sleep the night before too... omg insomnia!
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    my god i totally here u guys! i didnt get any sleep last night took it today, and still cant sleep :0 .. also 5 months pregnant doesnt help either ;(
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    OOO baby on way.. Congrats... I am sure your baby will jump hearing the good news tomm!
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    haha thanks new2.. or he will come out a nervous freaking wreck because his mom carried him through the end of nursing school and the nclex (most stressful test of my life)

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