1. 2 I took my NLCEX RN Monday Oct say the least it was a beast..i had 170+ questions and 80% where medication...questions were so random..
    "this is the med what teaching would you do"
    'this is the med what priority assesment would you do"
    "this is the med what diet should patient be on"

    i got priority questions..
    no delegation questions
    5 math
    2 pictures
    i got what type of FIB would you give with this med..

    and i was willing the computer to shut off after 125...i almost wanted to get up and give up..i started at 1:45 and was in my car by 345..needless to say u crued all the way home..
    tried the Pearson vue trick and it gave me the good pop up by i was in disbelief..i honestly did not think i BON confirmation today...that i passed..

    the amount of med questions was astronomical..and i didnt really study meds..

    but i slayed the NCLeX off to find a job.,..

    good luck everyone..

    if i can give anyone a piece of advice si to study meds, prioritization and the different ekgs and the meds..and if you are still getting quetsions u r still in the game..just refouce and dissect every answer and questions..

    good luck all..

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    What do you mean by FIB? Is it fibrillation?
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    yes..the questions where like what med would you give for A Fib? but it was not the traditional meds..
    also this patient has these symptoms what heart issue will he have...
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    thank you..i used:

    HURST (i did it complete), i did NCSNB but really only the pharm section, I did Kaplan as it was part of my tution but i never comepelted trainer 6 & 7 and as for qbank i was all over the place in scores 30, 80, 40, 60, 70...and i did Kaplan Strategy book, n Prep U and Saunders (i didnt read it did the questions on the CD, also La Charity..
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    Congrats !
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    Congrats! I take the beast in 32 hours. My tummy is in knots and I keep getting waves of anxiety. I wish this was over already.
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    hey you did prepration....which material you used ...
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    #10 0 long did you prepare for the nclex?
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    Congratulations for passing and thank you for your helpful advice.
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    Congradulations, I know you are releived. Good luck in the job, hope you find the perfect one!