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I took my NLCEX RN Monday Oct say the least it was a beast..i had 170+ questions and 80% where medication...questions were so random.. "this is the med what teaching would you do" 'this is... Read More

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    Congrats, i did my exam today and got the good pop up finally.
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    YOU ANXIETY AND NERVES are your biggest enemy....

    I used Saunders (for content) ( but i dint read the chapters i felt it was too much info..I did the CD the diagnostic and questions..and listen to the audio on parhm whcih helped..), Kaplan as it was part of our tuition (did not do all the qbank questions and i did not do trainer 6 n 7), Kaplan Strategy book and CD..(mainly CD), HURST all the vidoes and the packet except for the multiple choice questions, La CHarity for delegation, Priority, and Assignment again not the whole book..and PREP U...i learn better doing questions versus reading chapters...

    I hope this helps..

    TO anyone taking it..u need to read the questions understand what it is asking you..and instead of figuring out the right answer..eliminate the worng answers so that you have a better hcance of getting it correct..also take ur time...take a break after after and hour..even if it i unscheduled...especially if ur feeling overwhelmed..BREATH, CALM UR NERVES...if you are getting questions u r still in the game so u need to FOCUS every questions is important...and good luck..
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    hey thanks