Passed my NCLEX with a Bad Pop-up. Praise the Lord! - page 4

Hey guys.. I thank God that i can share my experience here with you.. I took the NCLEX-RN last September 27, 2012 and I really prayed earnestly for it (that I may pass and just answer 75 items). One of my prayers was answered at... Read More

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    Will someone please explain what the pvt trick is?

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    I just took nclex rn yesterday...hopefully, this will happen to me...Coz i did the PVT and went to cc info..I stopped at 265 items...praying and hoping for the best.
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    I have a question? Is it really possible to pass the nclex even if you didnt get the pop up? Is it possible even you went straight to the credit card page? Thank you so much
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    I just took my NCLEx this morning and I am freaking out! I didnt get the good pop up when I tried to re-register... During the exam I felt like I was doing well on about the 15th quesion I was already getting SATA questions do you think there is still a chance I passed, my computer shut off at 114 questions I feel so sick to my stomach and going crazy
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    If it went to the cc page unfortunately you failed. But don't be discouraged!
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    Wow!!! I believe everything u said!! God is good and I'm sooo happy u passed!! Can't wait to give a testimony after I'm done!! ALL THE PRAISE AND GLORY TO GOD!!
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    where can i see the status? i clicke on quicj results it says not available tried pvt and it looks like i failed
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    you all are aware that everyone regardless of pass or fail gets to the credit card page right? The trick is when you enter your credit card info. If it charges you you did not pass ... If it doesn't charge you and says an exam has ready been scheduled at this time and another cannot be scheduled then you passed. So that being said if you never went beyond the credit card page you didn't get any pop up good or bad. Congrats on passing
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    Quote from hev101380
    Will someone please explain what the pvt trick is?
    Hi the trick is getting confused because it was altered in August so here it is. After you test you try to go back to Pearson Vue and register for the NCLEX again it will take you to the Credit Card page you enter your info and if you get charged you didn't pass if it doesn't you did. The confusion came because it use to only take you to the credit card page if you failed but they fixed that part of it

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