Passed my nclex at 2nd attempt at 130 questions

  1. HI EVERYONE I WANTED TO SHARE MY GOOD NEWS, I GOT MY RESULTS THIS MORNING THAT I PASSED MY NCLEX. I have been reading all nurses forums since my first attempt/failure and this forum really helped me. I wanted to share my journey with you guys.

    FOR MY FIRST ATTEMPT, I did the full 265 questions and, when only took 1 break. I went to the bathroom and took a drink of water and came back. I literally studied 5 days a week and occasionally took Saturdays and Sundays off. For my first attempt I did the NSBCN course and uworld. Not to knock down those two resources, but I did not learn much from them mainly because I am a visual learner. So if you are someone who learns by reading and taking their own notes then those resources are for you.

    FOR MY 2ND ATTEMPT... I started studying 2 days i got my big fat FAILURE email from my nursing body. I don;t recommend that, I recommend to take at least a week to two weeks off to really recuperate, and take a break.Anyhow, I started using hurst, AWESOME RESOURCE if you feel you struggled on content, and then I bought the kaplan in class review which was extremely helpful because they help you with strategies. The nclex is 50% content, and 50% strategies!! so kaplan helped, and the inclass bootcamp comes with a qbank, which is A LOT HARDER than uworld in my opinion and harder than the nclex itself because it's quite wordy HOWEVER, uworld had the best rationales, kaplan had really short and crappy explanations.

    ANYhow I studied everyday, even on christmas and new years I studied at least 20 mins by doing small mock exams.

    So the day before the exam, hurst recommens u don't study, but I studied anyway, I only studied for 4 hours, and then called it a day, went for dinner with my boyfriend to enjoy myself. The morning of the exam, I woke up early, had some breakfast and packed a snack and my water. I drove to the testing place, blasing some hillsongs music to really pump myself up.

    I got there at an early time around 7:15 am and they let me go in right away, i was the only person inside the testing room. when I hit 75 questions I started to get defeated and asked for an early break. I went out, stretched, drank water, went to the washroom and looked in the mirror and told myself "you are passing today, and you are gonna burn all your nclex notes". As soon as I got back, I did a couple more questions, I stopped counting at 115, and a little over than the computer shut off. I smiled, because I knew I was kicking ass (although the questions were hard and rally didn't know for sure if I was even getting them right), I must have because I passed.

    I drove home, hugged my dog and my dad and then binged watched netflix. Then bam, this morning I got my results and BAM I passed.

    I felt so lonely during this journey and honestly its such a heart breaking experience to fail and I understand anyone who is struggling with this. SO please email me if you guys need any support. I love you all nurses!! I am still very much against this exam, but I am glad I passed and it is over. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT!
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