NurseGreeneyes is officiall an RN!!!!! Woo-Hoo - page 3

hey everyone! :wavey: i did it! i did it! omg! omg! i'am officially nursegreeneyes rn! yes! rn! i just want to say to all my buddies and new friends and especially to... Read More

  1. by   cupcake8
    Wow,good job!! You're great!!God Bless!
  2. by   NurseLay
  3. by   Harley Quinn
    Congratulations! I am new to I have read many of your responses and posts. You have been so encouraging too this forum. You have such a big :heartbeat. Good luck on all your future endeavors. You will undoubtedly make an amazing RN!!!
  4. by   CrystalClear75
  5. by   qtpnai03
    Congrats! I passed too!!!!
  6. by   mrsinister
    wow! congratulations! God bless!
  7. by   sclpn
  8. by   JoanieDee, LPN
    congratulations, -iiiiiiii's!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. by   JoanieDee, LPN
    Congratulations QTPNAI!!!
  10. by   GretaRN