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I'm a month away from graduating Nursing School in Texas and we took an ATI predictor the other day. I got a 50% chance of passing the NCLEX on my first time so it makes me nervous about my chances... Read More

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    I got a 40% chance of passing the NCLEX-RN on my first time according to the ATI Predictor. I did 150 questions a day for 5 weeks and re-took the predictor at the end of my preceptorship. According to the retake I had a 90% chance of passing on the first time. I have continued doing questions daily and passed the NCLEX with 265 questions my first time.

    Don't let your predictor score bring you down!!

    Edited to add that I used ATI's website,LaChairity, NCLEX4000, and Mosby's Review cards.

    Best of luck!
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    I think the biggest thing with the NCLEX, no matter what you study, it doesn't seem like it's on the test. My friend and I went together - she had a ton of mental health questions, I had a ton of obstetrics. I had drugs on the test I had never even heard of, so did she. We studied for the test but not a ton. The book we primarily used by Exam Cram by Wilda Rinehart. We also used the Saunders Review Cards and would flip through them randomly. Same with the LPN Notes: Nurses Pocket Guide by Ehren Meyers. (I still use this - it's a VERY handy guide).

    When I took the ATI, it told me I had an 96% chance of passing yet I walked out the NCLEX exam 110% convinced I failed. (I didn't). Don't put too much into what ATI tells you. I know people that had anywhere from a 46% to an 96% chance of passing that all passed.

    My advice is more test time related. Take your time. Read each question thoroughly. Think about your answer but don't over think it. Common sense is your friend. Take what you know and apply it to situations you aren't sure about. Follow your gut instinct. And most importantly...RELAX. I felt like the testing center was the most nerve wracking place I had ever been in. Take some deep breaths and try to stay calm.
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    I used the Kaplan course. They have a money back guarantee. Kind of like pass or don't pay type thing. I passed my first try.
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    Oh and also- this exam is all about test taking skills. Learn to answer the questions and eliminate wrong answers, even if you don't know the material and you'll be ok.
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    My program was excellent, and we all had to take the ATI test in last semester which was the majority of my grade in one class. We also did the Kaplan program after graduation, and I passed first time, with 75 questions. The main thing to me was ATI seemed to check knowledge, but Kaplan taught more critical thinking, and question breakdown. I studied just as hard everyday after graduation as I did during school, up to 6 hours sometimes, but then day before NCLEX, got a hotel room close to testing site, had a nice dinner, and just relaxed with friends also taking the exam. The next morning went to site, and just did it. Came out thinking I failed, but recieved good pop-up, and two days later found out I had indeed passed. I am now a working RN. So, study hard and have a positive attitude, because you CAN do this. Good Luck to you.
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    Hi, I took NCLEX last month. I used the Hurst Review book, Kaplan book, Saunder's CD, NCSBN and some other randomness. In my opinion, the NCSBN questions were most similar to NCLEX. Just like them, in fact.

    Yes, it is hard to study for NCLEX as far as content goes because there are endless things they can ask you. I did find, though, that almost all of the topics I had on the test were also in the practice questions I did.

    I felt it was very straightforward myself. I passed the first time with 75 questions.
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    There is an amazing NCLEX study website that helped me a lot before I took my board exams.

    Main Menu - NCLEX-RN 3500 - Institutional Version

    I would do 25 questions in review mode four to six times a day, and before I knew it I was learning to fill in those gaps in my learning. My best advice to you is to do all the practice questions you can possible do. Kaplan worked wonders for me because it focused on test taking strategies and the questions were at a level that I would compare to similar to the actual test. Everyone is different though so do what works best for you personally. Most of all, the night before the test don't do ANY reading or studying and relax. That state of mind probably helped more than anything combined.

    Good Luck and let us know how you think you did!
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    Hey! I sent you a private message with helpful hints. Didn't know if it would notify you or not so I am mentioning it here!

    Good luck! Know you will do great!
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    I am 2 semesters away from my NCLEX-RN exam and my school uses ATI - we are required to pass at 90%+ or we cannot get our ATT, our school basically says we haven't successfully completed the requirements for their program.


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    Congrats and GOODLUCK!!

    i really want to PASS my BIGGEST EXAM in my LIFE
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