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Need some encouragement

  1. 0 I take the test at the end of July. I have been trying to study on my days off. I work full time mid night shift and it is so hard. I have almost completed all the questions through exam cram. I am getting ready to start working on the LaCharity book. I also bought the new Kaplan book. I wish I could afford the Kaplan on demand, but can't so I am working with what resources I have. I just feel so over whelmed right now. I have been out of school since 2010, and I feel like I know nothing. I need to hear some encouragement. I just hope I pass this time. I so need to get on with my life. I wish everybody luck who is preparing to take it this month. Thanks for listening.
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    Trust yourself! You have studied much more than many ppl I have spoken to who have all passed! Just have faith and understand your core systems really well! You g
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    You got this! Prayers your way! And please say a prayer for me!
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    Good luck!! I test wed so I'll be asking for encouragement soon
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    You can do this!
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    I test next week Monday!...and I can say is believe in the Lord, for with Him all things are possible. They always say the Lord helps those who help themselves. So believe that your efforts will be crowned with RN license, in His mighty name! Amen!

    Good luck to ALL July test takers! We will own this monster!
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    i'm taking mine in two weeks from today
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    Just remember to breath through each question, and take your time. You are going to do great!! Sending prayers your way!!
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    hey! i know you can do this!!! just do you best and give god the rest (easier said then done i know)... but it's so true! we can do [color=#b22222]all things through him who strengthens us! i will pray for you
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    Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers!!! You can do this, believe in yourself!!