1. I graduated in November 2012, since then never was able to study because I got a bad case of the flu, then other family events that I had to attend. Anyways my ATT came and I scheduled the test for April 1st. NCLEX PN. I have Saunders the new (5th edition) and exam cram 3rd edition. I feel like Saunders is extremely overwhelming. I just don't know where to start from.
    My question is when you prepared for the nclex how long did you prepare for until the exam like 3 weeks, 1 month etc.
    I have 3 weeks until the big day, and really have no idea where to even start from.
    This is a lot of stress on me, I have trouble sleeping and eating.
    Someone help!!
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  3. by   BolBol
    Since you only have 3 weeks left, you really need to get started...

    I personally studied Saunders for content. I also used Kaplan, NCSBN, and PDA by LaCharity for practice questions. Since you're limited on time, this is what I recommend:

    - Take a pre-test to see what your strengths and weaknesses are. Review content for your weaknesses.
    - Get PDA by LaCharity and practice all the questions.
    - Get another source if time permits and practice the questions.
    - A few days before the exam, go over a review guide (there are some online and one on this site).

    When I took the NCLEX, I felt that my questions were most similar to LaCharity and NCSBN. But, good luck to you...
  4. by   kingkill
    Thank you so much, huh this is so stressful, even my freinds and coworkers are telling me I am a little different now.
  5. by   St_Claire
    For the PN test I answered questions from here: three days prior to the test and I reviewed delegation from my PN class. On this site you can choose which topics you want to be tested on then choose how many questions. Make sure to read the rationales after. This test will show you which areas you are weak in. From there use your Saunders book to review your trouble area. Then test again, review, test, review.

    I think it's important that you give yourself a pep talk. You want to be confident but not cocky. Remind yourself that you passed the course, therefore you do know the content. I think people get themselves psyched up in a bad way and doubt themselves. Confidence is important. Also, do not over study. Our brains can only take in so much.

    My PN test consisted of delegation, SATA (tons of those), one med question for a drug I had never heard of, a few peds and a few maternity. I also had quite a few psych questions. I honestly did not study drugs because I had been told by so many people that there would only be a couple of questions.

    The PN test is not changing this year, only the RN test is changing. Good luck and keep us posted!!
  6. by   kingkill
    Thank you St. Claire, I have been told by many that SATA are very common, so I am reinforcing these allot. My weakness is Pediatrics, Mental Health and Obstetrics. So I will definitively work on these areas harder. I have created flash cards, of almost every lab value. However; Also Flash cards for values like Troponin, CKMB, values that are used less. Do you think I should also know these values or should I narrow it down to the main ones like the electrolytes, bilirubin, albumin, and values for the kindeys.
  7. by   RhabdoNurse2b
    You have the Saunders book, which is a GREAT start, BUT, if it's the RN version, it is most likely over your head (I'm in my 1st year, 2nd semester and some of it was like reading Chinese). Instead, utilize the CD that hopefully came with it. The NCLEX style study questions are AWESOME and you can choose to focus on specific units (cardiac, GI, endocrine, etc). Each unit has MANY questions (GI had 191 questions). If you choose to do it, make sure that you read the rationales for each. I've been using this technique for my VERY difficult Alterations class that uses RN level NCLEX questions (Need an 80% to pass!) and am passing. Just a thought! Good luck!
  8. by   smk2230
    I used Saunders too, I just popped the cd-rom in the computer and started answering question after question everyday. You'll be fine. Just be confident .
  9. by   smk2230
    Make sure it's the Saunders PN if that's what your going for.
  10. by   kingkill
    Yes its the Saunders 5th edition for PN, do you guys believe its necessary to read the chapters in the saunders as well or just focus on the questions with the CD.