Need more knowledge on infection control

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    any books out there? Saunders and PDA don't really get into it. Maybe I might have to reread that chapter in my med-surg book. I feel like I am gonna get hammered with these questions. Thanks.

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    let me share my notes on infection control to you...

    airborne precaution:
    <5 microns
    private room with closed door
    negative pressure room/ 6-12 exchange/hr
    ppe: n95, hepa filter
    dse: (remember mtv hz)
    tb/ tb suspect
    herpes zoster

    droplet precaution:
    >5 microns
    private room
    yes to cohort, 3ft separation
    ppe: surgical mask
    dse: (remember "dropletism")
    oral pharyngitis
    pertussis/ pneumonia
    legionnaire's disease
    erythema infectiosum (5th disease) -contagious when no rash
    scarlet fever
    mumps/ meningitis
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    contact precaution:
    private room
    yes to cohort, 3ft separation
    secretions: skin wounds, eyes, nose, ears
    patient has own bp/stet equipment
    ppe: gloves and gown
    dse: rsv, mrsa, vrsa, vre, cdad, std, conjunctivitis, impetigo

    enteric precaution:
    private room with bathroom facility
    yes to cohort
    ppe: gloves and gown
    dse: hep a, shigella, salmonella, norwalk virus (improper/ contaminated food)
    crytosporidiosis, gardiasis (common in day care/ children)

    neutropenic precaution:
    private room
    ppe: mask
    dse: chemo/ cancer patients, aids/hiv, major burns/ surgery,
    sle, transplant patient taking 4c's (cellcept, corticoidsteroids, cytoxan, cyclosporin)
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    Thanks you guys!!:spin:
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    thnak you so much for that info....needed that for infection control
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    note for varicella, if there are lesions it goes to contact
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    thats some good information. I wish I had that for my test, but Its all good. Im done wiht NCLEX I passed!
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    Quote from anne919
    note for varicella, if there are lesions it goes to contact
    YES, Thats important to know!
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    Thanks you!!

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