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Need help with PHRMA

  1. 0 Hey guys I'm taking my test in April I really need help with Pharma when ever I start studying for Parma I think I will never learn those . I don't wana waist too much time on them plz give any advise. I was searching on google most common drug in nclex there was 25 alot student study those. And that's it so plz advise me what should I do.

    Can some body plz help me with Phrma any tips how to study them I'm really weak in that category HELP me
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    I have Pharmacology Made Insanely Easy. It has pictures that help you remember meds. I really like it.
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    I used this book when I was studying meds-fun way to remember-has pics and mnemonics to aide ur studies.

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    Which booK did u guys use it ?
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    Pharmacology Made Insanely easy is the book I'm using
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    I am also suffering from this pharma problem. Any easyway to cram?
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    using pharmacology made insanely easy too!!!
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    Download my flashcards: Pharmacology Flashcards
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    I am with you with this!!! Study by class and it doesn't matter if you studied every med..most of the meds won't be there. I studied the class..mostly cardio, antibiotics, antipsychotics, and GI meds...I had more than 10 meds on nclex and only new 2 of them...all others I never heard of.
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    I took a review class where we review anatomy&physiology. all the diseases we came across in each system, we looked up the treatment. and i learned meds that way: by the systems.
    another way i learned meds was through doing questions. EVERY time i came across a med, i looked it up. even if i got the question right. cuz sometimes i guessed right on a question with a med i didn't know or remember.
    i have an iphone, and i have an app called "flashcardlet." i had flashcards that dealt with therapeutic drug monitoring, the normal and abnormals. so i learned that way as well.

    on test day, i had 4 meds i didn't know. one i knew, but the bit of information i memorized with that med wasn't in my answer choices. it will happen. you just gotta do your best process of elimination.
    one question tho, the pt had elevated ST segments on their ekg and it asked what med would I give this pt? that was probably the only time i could remember i definitely knew which med to give.

    when you find a good way to help you remember, stick to it!