Need ADVICE Near desperate NCLEX PN student

  1. Hi Friends,

    I am running out of energy, patience, brain cells, drive , stick-to-it-ness, did I say energy.? My NCLEX is 4/29. I grad. from a respected tech. college, I was a B student. Took NCLEX 1st in early Feb., got 205 qque's didn't pass. I've studied since mid-Feb. for the second time. I can't find any study partners from my classmates. There's only 4-5 that haven't passed NCLEX yet that I know of.

    I took the 75 question Saunders assessment and it gave me a 30 day, @ 60 chap. study schedule. I've done 40 chapters. @800 questions. I know that I need to do 3,000 questions.

    I then read on this website that Saunders que's is too easy, read not like the actual NCLEX, that you should use KaPLAN'S which is more like NCLEX. I just scored 59% on the Kaplan practice questions from their Strategies book.

    I am really frustrated.!! I'm not sure what my true weaknesses are. The Saunders assessment doesn't tell you what they are.

    ** Can anybody give me some advice on how to get my Kaplan scores up. I know that I need to practice more questions but I feel that I need to study more content. But Kaplan says that just studying content is not the correct way to study for NCLEX. The Saunders book says the opposite, I believe.

    Please advise! I am getting so depreseed. I have 3 young kids and my wife are depending on me.
    Thank You!
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  3. by   RNmeee
    So you are using saunders for content and their questions? What other resources are you using?
  4. by   RNmeee
    please disregard my previous post. I forgot we have already talked. sorry.
  5. by   2011LPNJ29
    Frye's 3000
    Exam cram
    Infection contronl Nnemunics(sp)
    Lab values.
  6. by   wecan11
    Quote from bshres
    So you are using saunders for content and their questions? What other resources are you using?
    I'm also using Kaplan's NCLEX PN strategy book 2010-11. I'm scoring @ 59% after 2/3rd's of the test. On Saunders quizzes, I've been scoring 70- 80%, the questions are much easier & more straight fwd. . I've been studying since Jan. and I'm exhausted. I've also used REA's Flashcards. Have used my class notes, Med-Surg book & AllNursing postings for mnenomics, infection control etc.,

    I keep hearing people say do a lot of content que's from Saunders or similar book but DON'T you need to have the content down also?

    Thank you for the feedback. I'm feeling very frustrated that I'm not scoring higher on Kaplan. I think I need to postpone my test a couple of weeks so I can finish the 3 K que's.
  7. by   RNmeee
    My overall kaplan score was same as yours. I think 59% is not bad at all. Sounds like you have done alot of studying. But again you have to make your own judgment on how much you know. You have been working on this for a long time now. I say trust yourself and try not to get frustrated. Proud yourself for being dedicated for so long and studying so much. Breath and relax a little bit. You will definitely get burnt out if you have been studying since jan! I say focus some of your time in relaxing and build your confidence. Do not get too stressed over your scores.
  8. by   wecan11
    Thank You for the advice. I feel better about things!!