Need a study partner(s) here in NY

  1. 0 Hello everyone,

    I just failed my nclex exam last month.
    And now I'm back on track on studying.

    I wanted to have a study partner who will take the exam in a month or two,
    It's really hard for me to focus on my study especially now that I have two part time jobs that I can't give up.

    I live in Queens New York. We can meet on public library, cafe, or bookstore.
    Or through chat/skype if time is really a conflict.

    Please serious people only. :uhoh21:
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    where in queens do you live????
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    interesting i plan on taking mine in august i live in staten island .which is kinda far from queens.i barely concentrate too and a study partner would have been a great motivation
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    I live on the border between Nassau and Suffolk in Long Island. I would loveeee a study partner! Only thing is I'm planning on taking my exam in 2-3 weeks. (Depending if I push my exam back again). Let me know if you're interested
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    @India37: i live in elmhurst.

    @its possible: all weekend of july im going to the bryant park library.
    Just email me if you're interested.

    @satkinson13: if u want to we can study in this thread though,

    Ok guys.. Im heading to the bryant park public library now. Just reply
    on this thread or email me at:
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    Good luck to all.
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    Hey jasmine.yus, I added you on skype just accept it.
    I'm also free tomorrow we can start the review.
    I'll be at the library tomorrow but i'll be online on skype.


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