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    Wanted to see how many of you guys have experience with NCSBN review course for NCLEX-RN? I'm enrolled in the 5 week course, and with my exam around the corner, I don;t have time to finish all of the content modules, so I have been working on the practice banks. I've been doing pretty good in answering the questions, and my score improve the more questions I do....anyway, does anyone have any experience in taking the NCLEX after using NCSBN? Were the questions pretty comparable in difficulty? Just wondering if I should be working on harder questions from another source before the exam.
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    I used NCSBN only when I took mine last November. The way the questions were worded are the same. I did NOT pass. Based on that experience I think I should have gone thru all the content modules. I think that's what I was lacking. I was scoring good with the practice tests too. But when you take the NCLEX you will realize that those contents will guide you.

    Right now, I am doing Saudners Q&A for now and will be back at NCSBN once I have my ATT.
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    Have cohort use the entire NCSBN program and pass.

    I used the 3 week course along with other sources for questions and passed.

    NCSBN is a pretty thorough program to use.
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    anursedad, are the questions saunders q&a review is in a cd?..what level questions are they? what is passing score?..thank you..Good luck

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