NCSBN 5 week course review extlearning - page 5

Hi! Did anyone do the NCSBN extlearning review online? What were your scores? I know NCSBN wants you to have 75% on each lesson. Are you reviewing all the materials before taking the post exam? If you completed a lesson, did you... Read More

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    Hi guys,

    Finally, I finished Lesson 6B-6C: 60% I'll do it again.

    3 more weeks to go
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    Are you reading entire contents prior to exam? Or just reading content of your weak areas?
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    I've been getting a constant 66% on my practice quizzes ....
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    Quote from Assess&Safety1st
    Are you reading entire contents prior to exam? Or just reading content of your weak areas?
    I did not read the entire content for pharma. I did the 2nd try: 80%
    And, I finished bank 2(Pharmacology). I scored ( 80%, 80%, 60%, 65%)

    What about you?
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    Quote from Assess&Safety1st
    Healthstar, how long have you been doing VATI? What assessment area are you doing? Did you get "green light"? LOL
    I got the green light a few weeks ago
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    I absolutely HATE ncsbn course! It's making me so depressed my scores suck, under 60.......and I thought I hated ati but damn ati is much harder and my scores were pretty high........this ncsbn is increasing my anxiety
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    Really, wow, I'm doing free kaplan q bank and that's increasing my anxiety ever worst. On ATI I still have assessments I need to do but I did that in school so I wanted ncsbn but doing free kaplan. Try that lol and let me know what you think.
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    RN1mind, I did all q banks and now doing kaplan (free). I cannot pay for another review. So on that now and doing LaCharity still.

    Oh, question to all ncsbn users:
    How many times are you doing q banks or lessons? 1,2,3 or 4 times.

    I can do that many times over and over again but then my brain will remember answer so I hate it.

    But I do read rationals if I do it 3x and my % is 90 or 100% on 3x, but I remember the q & a. That's why I have to mix all q's with ncsbn, ATI, kaplan, cd's and books.

    Any suggestion
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    I was getting low score too, however on my practice test 6. I got 83 and 85 .. And I only have 4more practice in practice 6 remaining. Yay! Good luck studying. I'm doing PDA too. My highest was 95% and my lowest was 35% coz of careless mistakes and my brain is fried from studying. When I do Saunders 5th edi q and a I'm getting 50-80%
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    How is everyone doing with ncsbn?

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