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Hi! Did anyone do the NCSBN extlearning review online? What were your scores? I know NCSBN wants you to have 75% on each lesson. Are you reviewing all the materials before taking the post exam? If you completed a lesson, did you... Read More

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    hello everyone, sorry, I have not been on... I've been busy with NCSBN bank q's plus home-life.

    healthstar, how do you like NCSBN review for 3 weeks?

    rn1mind, same here, good positive thoughts! Count down for me now til NCLEX! I have family visiting this weekend Friday - Sunday so I am trying to do more q's a day before they arrive from out of state!

    futurelpn2012, in Saunders book what content are you reviewing? Or are you doing CD?

    Lesson 7 - Reduction of Risk Potential is my worst %. I think that's my weak area. I am so embarrassed to even posted the % and I took it twice, too.

    Lesson 5 - Basic Care and Comfort 60%, I keep getting 60's each time. I have taken the Lesson 5 - Basic Care and Comfort 60%, twice now and same 60%.

    I'm currently working on Self-check Practice Questions Bank 2 Various Topic ....

    Question: to can I improve my score % for Reduction of Risk Potential and Basic Care and Comfort?
    What should I review? Not sure if it is content area or what? Sorry....that's why I am asking. Thank you in advance.

    Back to studying and count down continues......................................... .................................................. ...................................
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    i'm also doing the 5-week ncsbn review. my scores are as follows:

    diagnostic pre-test - 61%
    [color=#004578][color=#004578][color=#004578]management of care - 70%
    [color=#004578][color=#004578][color=#004578]safety and infection control - 85% (when i took nclex rn in 2010, i was above passing in this area)
    [color=#004578][color=#004578][color=#004578]health promotion and maintenance - 72%

    there's a lot of reading to be done with ncsbn...just like going through saunders from cover to cover. my brain is on information overload at this moment.

    well, back to ncsbn
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    8 Aug

    Lesson 5: Basic care & Comfort / 1st: 55% 2nd: 80%
    I am so tired

    You will be fine. Do not worry! << non-therapeutic communication
    Just stay focused on studying review before answering the questions and make some notes.

    Me too. I am reading through Saunders but most of the time I am doing NCSBN.

    Good luck all :heartbeat
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    I have ncbsn i like it
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    The questions seem so freaking easy, and I have only taken 2 ( 20 questions) quizzes and my scores are terrible.....55 and 50, I am doing much better with ATI which is 10x harder lol
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    Healthstar, I don't like VATI. :/
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    RN1mind, I'm thinking of rescheduling but no open spots to reschedule so far into Sept
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    Dream2bnurse1234, hi, how long are you doing ncsbn weeks?
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    Begosh, nice % on q's bank.
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    Ya, saundars seem easy but we are all doing saundars lol contents but ya I agree ncsbn has a bunch of reading material of content too. So much reading .....