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Hi! Did anyone do the NCSBN extlearning review online? What were your scores? I know NCSBN wants you to have 75% on each lesson. Are you reviewing all the materials before taking the post exam? If you completed a lesson, did you... Read More

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    Wow you really deserved to pass with all that hrd work that you did. You are so inspiring! Yeah i have the 35 page study guide from allnurses to which i have already read but i will read it over and over until before the day of my exam. I also got a kaplan question trainer cd which i bought from ebay. I will use that to do questions because my ncbsn expires today and i've already completed everything and all the questions in there my average I guess for all the questions would be 60-65%. My exam is going to be in 2 weeks so nervous already! Anyways thank you for the tips I will surely remember them. Congratulations by the way on passing the nclex!
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    Thank you

    You will be fine! Just do a lot of questions and read all the rationals from wrong to right. Keep us posted! Good Luck!
    The allnurses guide study is amazing 35 pages review
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    i am really enjoying the ncsbn 5wk program. i am getting a lot of SATA and delgation but no video, audio or calculations yet but am still in mental health. so far so good.
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    I'm starting to delve deeper into MaryAnn Hogan's Pearson Reviews & Rationales: Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN, (013262107X), Mary Ann Hogan, Textbooks - Barnes & Noble. I like the fact that I can retake unlimited number of tests online for each client needs based on my diagnostic pre-test result. And the good thing is...access is good for a year from time I activated.

    Here's excerpt from study plan:
    "The Client Needs study plan will help you focus on and master the eight Client Need outcomes covered on the NCLEX-RNŽ exam. To begin, complete the 100 question Diagnostic Pretest. Based on the results of your pretest, you will be assigned a study activity, a self test quiz, and links to the eText for each Client Need outcome for which you need additional study."

    Anyone else using this resource for NCLEX RN?
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    MaryAnn with Pearson as I see on title of book, interesting I didn't know. Does it have vids like Kaplan?
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    There's no video (so far). It's similar to NCSBN but a little more structured, in my opinion. The online questions are great and thought-provoking. Makes you really use critical thinking skills. I get frustrated here and there because of higher level questions having VERY similar answer choices.
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    Good luck with the new book....
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    Quote from Assess&Safety1st
    Good luck with the new book....
    Thank you!
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    update.... i tested today for the fourth time and i got the good pop up i hope its real because the last 3x times it went straight to the cc page Assess&Safety1st thank you so much for the support that you gave me and the tips how to study pharm
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    You are very welcome, dreaming88! I am glad you recd a good pop up. What message did you recieve?
    I called CA BON and they are current on 10-01-12 exams and I am still waiting. But she did mentioned to me
    that my background check was cleared and ok. So I am hoping that is a good thing!

    futurelpn2012, I tried to reply to your msg and it says your inbox is full.

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