NCLEX Tomorrow.. A humble request to include me in your prayers.. :D

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    I just wanted to seek help from my fellow NCLEX takers, please include me in your prayers, for I am to take the NCLEX tomorrow... I lift up everything to our Lord Jesus Christ.. Thank you, I hope we all be able to fulfill our hopes and desires..
    And to everyone taking it with me tomorrow, let us go in there, and show how GREAT our HEARTS and MINDS are, and how GREAT is the LORD our GOD!..

    Good Night to all, and God Bless!!
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    Good luck kabayan!!! I'm praying for your success.. You can do this... Update us okay???
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    Of course kabayan! haha.. I needed that..
    I also pray for yours and everyone else's fulfillment...

    Maraming Salamat!
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    Awww, salamat!!! We can do this.
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    Praying for you! God will be holding your hand and you will pass!
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    aww good luck ill pray for u.
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    Good Luck. I will pray for you and everyone who is taking their test.
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    goodluck to u tol and to me too sa aug 16 me huhuhu super nervous na me goodluck to all again and kaya natin too
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    praying for u!!!! good luck..
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    May the Lord God send the Holy Spirit to help you tomorrow, amen.

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