nclex tomorrow

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    So bright and early tomorrow i have my exam...had a terrible migraine today that landed me in bed for several hours.
    Feeling much better now, bright eyed and bushy to force myself to sleep. My original plan to relax today didn't work. So i did my brushing up earlier tonight.
    Someone once said, when the time for performing has come, the time to prepare has gone...
    That means...i still got time!
    I'm a bit nervous but gonna go and give it my best shot! Did i say shot?
    Well in that case you all just shoot out a prayer for me. Thanks for all your encouragement...i will keep you posted!

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    You'll do well. Good luck!
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    Wishing you the best & sending up prayers for you! You CAN DO IT!
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    Yay! Don't sweat it!!! I wish you good luck !!! good LUCK!! and GOOD LUCK!!!
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    Good luck!! I take mine in approximately 35 hours!

    You'll do great!

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    Good luck!!!!!_!!!!!!!!!!!! You know this stuff, take your time
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    Good luck!!!
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    GoOd LucK
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    Good luck
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    Excruciatingly painful...265 questions and 6hours . Haven't checked pvt was terrible!

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