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NCLEX tomorrow

  1. 0 I take the NCLEX tomorrow at 8:00 AM. I have been studying everydy including weekends for over a month now. I bought Saunders, PDA, and have been using that NCLEX 3500 online. Unlike most of my class, I did not take the review class through ATI and hoped that I could study myself and save the money. Truthfully I didnt have an extra $350 to spend right before Christmas along with the NCLEX fees that I paid. As far as I know, everyone in my class whoo has taken the test has passed so far. I am going over PDA and the 35 page review that I found on here right now and then I'm calling it quits. I've done all I can. I pray that I can call myself an RN this weekend.
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    I took the ATI class only because it was paid for by my school. To tell you the truth, you didn't miss much. I got more out of the Saunders CD and NCLEX 3500 because their rationales were more in depth.
    I think you'll do fine!
    Good luck!
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    Good luck, you will do fine.
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    Good Luck. You can it!
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    you be fine good luck
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    I have to agree w/ julz68. I had the review in January w/ ATI, and with it came access to their reviews for 30 days... I never even bothered w/ those videos. I'm using Kaplan, Hurst, and tutoring w/ Remar.
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    Good luck tomorrow!
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    Goodluck! I bet ur acing ur exam right now!!! Whoohooo!!!!
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    I just took the exam at 8, had a little over 200 questions, couldn't get home fast enough, did the trick, and got the good pop up =). I hope it really works! I initially thought the test was going to shut off at 75 because I felt good in the beginning and was getting a ton of SATA and priority. Well needless to say it kept going and going and I thought I failed the higher the number got. My last question was a SATA and I felt like I knew I got it right and the computer shut off which made me think that maybe I did pass. I had a ton of meds, alot that I have never heard of which is probably way I kept getting more and more. I was seriously expecting to get 1 or 2 meds from what I heard on here and from friends. I had over 20, easily. I guess that was my biggest weakness. Other than that I truly believe Lacharity's PDA helped me soo soo much. Also the infection control mnemic for airborne, droplet, etc was a big help. I really really hope that good pop up really works!
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    It definitely works. CONGRATULATIONS NURSE!!!!