nclex third timers only please

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    Hello third or more timers: I graduated nursing school May 2011 and here we are in 2013 and still nothing...needless to say i am discouraged and ashamed to say the least all my classmates have made it into their RN carreers and im merely working as an assistant. I fear that i have forgotten alot and cant afford big courses of study like kaplan. I thought of doing the ncsbn review thats cheaper but i dont know much about it. Anyhow i guess im looking for some encourangement from my third time friends and some help of how you passed it that third time, what were your tools?


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    Hey there.....I just want you to know that you are not alone, I myself, am going on my 3rd attempt for this exam. I actually thought I was the only "person in the world" repeating the exam for the third time. One thing I can say is don't compare yourself to your friends, because it's only going to make you feel worse naturally .......remain positive, and just keep STUDYING!!!!!! What I plan to do is return to my college and ask my former professors for advise, etc. Whatever you do, don't give up!! If Nursing is what you love to do, then follow your dream!!!! You're already at the finish line!!!!!!!!
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    Ill be taking my 3rd exam on March. Im using MaryAnn Hogan, PDA, Kaplan on Demand, and 35 page notes from this site as my primary study materials. I also have NCSBN questions and Excell Nursing review notes and for additional practice questions.
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    It will also be my third time! I'm using Kaplan, saunders, and the PDA book. I'm willing to share my resources with anyone too. Message me Hi Killerbee, have you actually taken Excell nursing review? If so, did you find it helpful? I'm thinking about taking it next week in San Francisco.
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    failed nclex 3rd time.... will be starting to study again this week. i have done a live anderson 4 day review(similar to hesi i think but in MA) thinking about doing Kaplan online(wish it wasnt as expensive).... good luck to everyone
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    Took NCLEX RN 4th time yesterday! Tried the PVT got the good pop up! Can't believe it! It is done!
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    Quote from acotusrn
    Took NCLEX RN 4th time yesterday! Tried the PVT got the good pop up! Can't believe it! It is done!
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    Quote from acotusrn
    Took NCLEX RN 4th time yesterday! Tried the PVT got the good pop up! Can't believe it! It is done!
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    Hi there! I used to tutor students that have failed the nclex. Try to stick to just ONE review book. I recommend Kaplan. Using two or more may confuse you. I hate to say it but nursing isn't for everyone. Not everyone has the ability to critically think. If you cannot pass the nclex then you may have to re-evaluate your situation and go into another field. Best of luck!
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    I wanted to respond to you because I had to take my exam a second time. Ask your daughter to go to her schools retention specialist (person who helps to keep nursing students in the program). I was blessed with the opportunity to take a Kaplan NCLEX course for FREE. I am in VA but the instructor called me because I stayed in tutoring with her and she asked me if I wanted to take the course because they offer it to the schools and its to no cost to the student. Not sure how many people are given the chance to do the program but it doesnt hurt to see if her school has it.

    I had paid for Hurst but it did not help me that first time. Kaplan exposes you to critical thinking and you keep doing those quesions and the instructors tell you why the answer is correct. They help you think...which is what your daughter will need to correctly answer those questions. Hope this helps...tell her to keep her head up and say I will pay this exam...I did and with the Grace of God I knew that I had passed it that second time.
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