nclex stress reduction ideas

  1. i take my nclex rn this thursday. its the monday afternoon the week of and i think it *just* hit me!

    im not in panic mode, but my anxiety is creeping up on me.

    which got me thinking, how about we brainstorm some guided imagery, mantras, breathing, prayers, progressive muscle relaxation, et al :-)
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  3. by   0pepper
    Ill have it on friday!
  4. by   SNB1014
    c'mon my fellow test takers!!! ((hugs)) and extra credit to all that give input
  5. by   killerbee
    I like doing some light exercises (jogging, stretching) the day before any big event. but you dont want to overtire yourself just enough to sweat it out and keep a good breathing pattern. Then rest it out in the afternoon or watch a movie.
  6. by   timrv8
    I like using the practice study questions from Saunders. Also, the book, 301 RN Study Tips was helpful. After using both of these, I passed.
  7. by   SNB1014
    Thanks fellow posters, everyone keep the calmness coming!!
  8. by   zanedee
    Get a massage and then stay in and watch a movie! :-)
  9. by   jnurse21
    I did yoga to de-stress.