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Hi guys! I graduated from the University of Puerto Rico in 2011 with a BSN, Yep! a whole year and next month I will finally take the NCLEX, it's been a rough journey applying for liscensure in Tx. It was Rough because I am... Read More

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    Quote from Zazak

    Hi I'm using Q&A book with cd, i like it , most of it is analyze. questions, 1 of my friend sad it is very helpful and she pass, and another friend sad it is very hard just Kaplan and Saunders is enuf. So I'm ok with the questions it's not too hard for me, for content I suggest Saunders yellow book with cd, and for questions I use Pearson book Ann Hogan, LaCharity, I did Kaplan, by the way Kaplan's questions from Lippincott ! I am going take my exam on October, I'm international nurse ,it's will be 3-rd try, Good luck everyone !!!
    When are you taking this october? Good luck to you!! And thank you!!

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    Good luck to everyone!!!
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    Quote from mimiandrews
    Hey, I'm going to take my NCLEX on October 15th under TX too I understand when you said it's a rough journey applying for texas licensure because I am an international applicant too.. I've been studying 'here and there' for about 6 months and then I got my ATT. Now I am really focused and have been studying hard core for 2 months now.. Good luck to us!
    taking the exam under TX too this december... ladies we can do this!! I got two months to prepare hopefully this is enough time
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    I have 2 weeks, lol! But finished school in August. I wanted everything fresh on my mind.
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    Quote from starNOstar
    Good luck to everyone!!!
    Thank you, i am taking end of the October. Good Luck )))
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    Quote from TiffanyNurse2Be
    I have 2 weeks, lol! But finished school in August. I wanted everything fresh on my mind.
    I'm out of school since 2010 yikes!!! lol good luck!!!
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    Felt i haven't studied enough! I can't move my exam date and my head is going nowhere!? Head? Where are you? Whew examon tuesday! Oooooowww my God ... Pls help me! Help all of Us...
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    I'm taking the test October 13 !!! I'm so nervous,but we can do this.practicing questions at saunders cd now.God bless you guys
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    Good Luck to you Noemark!
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    hello everyone!goodluck to all.Focus read each question carefully.I'm on same boat getting nervous my exam date is on Nov.keep on practicing read rationales.Im using Lippincott Q&A,Exam cram,NCSBN review,and Im on La Charity practice exercise,i found out almost SATA,the chapters & case study exercises is similar to NCLEX and Don't forget to Pray.It takes a lot of courage to be effective and safe nurse..
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