nclex rn march or april?

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    im a foreign grad nurse,i already scheduled for nclex rn test next week but i can't decide if im goin to take the test or resched it ..the way im studying is by system & i only studied 4 system & im almost done with the prioritization book not confident to take the test ,i noticed a lot of people are taking the test this month because the chance of passing is more likely sooo stressed out you think i take the test & take a chance? or take it when i feel like im ready ?

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    Take a couple of practice exams and see how you do.
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    take before April the test score/percent/pass or fail of what you are able to get wrong is going up- in short the test will be harder to pass- see nursing board web site
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    I think you should feel more confident before you take the test. A little confidence is a key element in passing this exam. Low level of confidence, often leads to anxiety. Been anxious before is a no no for Nclex...reschedule if you have to. Don't let April scare you. Once you know your material and feel confident you will be fine...
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    thank you st_claire...i just finished answering 75 q of nclex 3500..ive got 55 % so i know my studying is not enough..thank you success2011 for the advice
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    Definitely wait a little bit then. Use the info from the test to find your weak areas and study from there.
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    Quote from St_Claire
    Definitely wait a little bit then. Use the info from the test to find your weak areas and study from there.
    What is a good score to get on that 3500 pretest? To know you are good to take the nclex
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    Look at the last page that has a breakdown of how you answered each category. It will say, for example, maternity, 4 questions, then how many you got right. Use that information to determine your readiness. The 3500 doesn't work on a score system like Kaplan. Just do the test, review your wrong answers, and go again. I think my scores were low 70s just before I took the NCLEX sometimes they were in the 50s and 60s when I first started. Don't let the score bother you, just keep practicing, you will get better each time.

    You can do this!

    (I see you and I are going to have to talk about stress management. LOL)
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    not letting me open practice exam..Is it still operational.....thanks
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    NCLEX 3500 sites have been taken down/not available for a couple of days now.

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