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Hi guys! I graduated from the University of Puerto Rico in 2011 with a BSN, Yep! a whole year and next month I will finally take the NCLEX, it's been a rough journey applying for liscensure in... Read More

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    Quote from vnickor
    Yes the Kaplan has like 1300+questions. I did all of it. However, the satas there really is no way to study for that. When I did my exam, i had handful of sata and few drag and drops and couple of exhibits and two images. No math or hotspots. All this in 75 questions. Oh yeah I had a lot of priority question (first/essential/report) kind of questions...

    But i'm still feeling sad and nervous I don't know my result.
    So you only did questions? I'm getting nervous too since I really didn't open any other book except for Kaplan book, which is more strategies than content. I just can't sit there and read a textbook or review book, but I hope I'm not shooting myself in the foot. I have done over 1000 questions so far and my exam is next Tues.
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    Taking mine on Oct too. I have mixed emotions of excitement and nervousness. It's a big day for us.

    Good luck to everyone! May we all be successful! ;D
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    NCLEX exam @ 8am tommorow. Please keep me in your prayers! Good Luck to all...
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    Keep us posted
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    I got it! I pass! Yes!
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    Congrats! what did you use to study?
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    Took my exam this AM, computer stopped at 75 questions. I literally felt sick, so nervous now. Will keep you guys updated!
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    Update: I just did the Pearson Vue trick and got the good pop up, fingers crossed!
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    Congrats sounds like u passed! I moved my date back to he 12th.. 1 more day left!
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    I took my exam yesterday. Appointment at 8a, didn't start until around 8:25a (checking in took a while), finished around 10a at 75 questions. When it shut off, it totally caught me off guard. I can't say if it was easy or hard. I would really characterize it as just a weird test! I waited until about noon and got the good pop with the PVT. Still waiting anxiously for the official results.
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    Checked the Texas BON website this morning around 10 am and saw my name! First I checked to see if my graduate permit was still up and it was no longer there. I figured that could only mean one thing. Wow, it's still sinking in now!

    Alright, I had to go crazy with the emoticons!
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    ! !
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    Omg, congratulations!!! I'm too applying for the Texas Bon , so next Friday ill take the nclex and wether i'd pass or not. Congrats once again!