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Hi guys! I graduated from the University of Puerto Rico in 2011 with a BSN, Yep! a whole year and next month I will finally take the NCLEX, it's been a rough journey applying for liscensure in... Read More

  1. by   Noemi RN
    Felt i haven't studied enough! I can't move my exam date and my head is going nowhere!? Head? Where are you? Whew examon tuesday! Oooooowww my God ... Pls help me! Help all of Us...
  2. by   Galapagos
    I'm taking the test October 13 !!! I'm so nervous,but we can do this.practicing questions at saunders cd now.God bless you guys
  3. by   TDeniseRN
    Good Luck to you Noemark!
  4. by   madel0119
    hello everyone!goodluck to all.Focus read each question carefully.I'm on same boat getting nervous my exam date is on Nov.keep on practicing read rationales.Im using Lippincott Q&A,Exam cram,NCSBN review,and Im on La Charity practice exercise,i found out almost SATA,the chapters & case study exercises is similar to NCLEX and Don't forget to Pray.It takes a lot of courage to be effective and safe nurse..
  5. by   Aienn100
    I am also taking this October. probably in the third week!!! Fingers crossed!!! Wish you guys all the very best!!!!
  6. by   CrazyJess
    I'm testing Oct. 2. too.
  7. by   citylights89
    Quote from Nurseceline2012
    Citylight and Tiffany I'm in the same boat. We can do this ladies, let us give it our best try and practice 300 questions daily and review as much as we can.
    Man, I feel like a slacker. 300 questions? I can barely do 50. -__-
    Does it help that I have been getting scores on Kaplan over 65%? Maybe I'm ready and don't know it. IDK. I'm lazy and tired of "studying".
  8. by   Nurseceline2012
    Ok Citylight89, how about 100 to 150 daily?
  9. by   vdelmr
    Feel like I've been slacking too I've been doing 50 to 69 as well. I def need to try doing 300 daily, so I won't get overwhelmed with 275, that's if of course the test stops at 75.
  10. by   citylights89
    Quote from Nurseceline2012
    Ok Citylight89, how about 100 to 150 daily?
    that's better. Now I need to hype myself, for real. I'm about to do the 180 questions on this Kaplan CD now. Let's see where it pegs me.
  11. by   katielady
    Hey all! I am taking my NCLEX in Texas on the 3rd (as in the day after tomorrow...eeeekk!!!) yesterday I was on the verge of a mental breakdown, today I am just staying positive and telling myself I can do this!! Anyone else testing this week!!?
  12. by   vdelmr
    Ahh! I'll be testing in two weeks, good luck keep us informed I how it was and how you did, lots of good luck.
  13. by   katielady
    I will certainly let you know how it goes! Thank you for the good luck wishes!! :-)