NCLEX RN help! Has anyone taken the HURST course?

  1. I am a Canadain RN and I have always dreamed of doing travel nursing to the USA. I have been working for two years and finally got up the confident to write my NCLEX-RN. I studied so much and purchased the Saunders Q&A, the RN EXCEL, Pearson revue and Kaplan common meds. I focused on doing the questions from the Saunders CDROM. I wrote the exam and felt really good about it. Only to find out I failed in the first 75 questions. I feel hopeless and stupid. I want to rewrite in 45 days but I have no confidence. I am thiking of doing the Hurst review online , its 300$ but hopefully it will help me pass. Has anyone taken this course? ANY advice on study materials, courses, etc would be GREATLY appreciated
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  3. by   Sun0408
    I used Hurst and loved it. NCLEX is designed for the "new grad", I have heard people that take it after experience having problems because real world nursing is different from the text books...Try to look at it from new nurse eyes and don't add information to the question or pull from your "experience" when you retest
  4. by   Paige15
    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond! I have signed up for the HURST course and love it so far. I totally need to look at questions from an nclex point of view not from experience. Thanks again for the advice
  5. by   newnurseFL2013
    HURST saved my life. Passed in 75 thanks to it (especially the Q-review). I am thinking of eventually relocating to BC, how do the two tests differ?? I heard the Canadian one is based more on therapeutic approaches and psych???