NCLEX-RN exam results on hold????? - page 3

Hey Everyone!!! This is my first time posting. I check this site out a lot and know how wonderful and supportive you all are. I am having a SERIOUS dilemma right now. I took the NCLEX-RN exam on... Read More

  1. by   CP1983
    Hi everyone, Congrats to everyone that passed! I just took my exam on Friday and the same exact thing happened. I'm wondering if these outages are planned as a way to do random investigations but I don't even care, lol. My exam stopped at 75 questions and I know u sound like a broken record, but I truly believed I failed. I only told my husband and friend that I was taking it, i didnt tell anyone else becuz I felt I shouldve rescheduled but i didnt. Im so scared that i don't even want to check my results, like I just can't. I know I'm making an assumption but i just wanted to know how is hurst review? Is it good?
  2. by   CP1983
    Just wanted to let everyone know I passed!
  3. by   NS81