NCLEX-RN exam tomorrow!!! Yea...finally!!

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    Finally got my ATT from PA BON today!! When I went to schedule my exam it was either 8am tomorrow morning or wait 4 weeks. So....tomorrow it is!!! Now it's "GO" time!! lol lol.
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    Good Luck!!!!
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    Moved to the NCLEX forum. And good luck!!
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    Woohoo! I'm taking my PN one tomorrow morning too! 8 AM bright & early lots of luck to you
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    im taking mine tomorrow too! for nclex rn.. so excited / scared at the same time, my heart is pounding like crazy! haha! gotta stay focus and relax.. =) good luck guys! WE GOT THIS! just take it one question at a time.. my prayers goes out to all taking it tomorrow and also for the others preparing for it... good luck!!! =)
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    Thanks for moving my post to NCLEX thread for me LunaRN, and thanks for good wishes. Hope everyone did well today!! My test shut off at 75 questions and I got the good result with the Pearsonvue trick. Now I have my fingers crossed for me and everyone testing today!! Have a great one!
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    For me, PVT is accurate. So I think you passed! Congrats in advance!
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    Quote from kinsella
    For me, PVT is accurate. So I think you passed! Congrats in advance!
    That's music to my ears!! Thank you! Of course I will feel better once I see "passed" in my status. I am so emotional today. This has been such a long journey to my RN, as it is for a lot of people. I am so excited, grateful and exhausted. Sound familiar? lol.

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