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hello all,:uhoh3: i am writing my nclex-rn tomorrow 3/15/10 for the 2nd time after 1 yr of failing my 1st attempt. please keep me up in your prayers and good luck to all writing their exam tomorrow too and in the future. god... Read More

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    Quote from elang
    i tried the pearson vue trick 6 hours after i took my exam,this is the message that i got from the website when i tried to register again "Our records indicate that you have recently sceduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time" any input on this?thanks

    Great you passed!!!!

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    I passed with 145 questions done in about an hour and a half, I got an email from the BON about 4hrs later saying that my status was updated and I checked , I already have a license number all in one day......I'm feeling truely blessed!! thanks for all the prayers and support!!!
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    wow that's a good news Congratulations!!!!im so happy for you...i checked the website and it's not yet updated...i'm still keepin my faith up....
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    ei LVAnrse what state did you apply?
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    Quote from elang
    ei LVAnrse what state did you apply?

    I applied in Wisconsin
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    ok...i applied in california it's nice to know that they were fast in their results...
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    hello everybody,hmmm still waiting for the result from the bon website...i'm getting nervous everyday..
  9. 0 need to be nervous, you passed! I believe in the trick 100%!
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    thanks goodstudent! this is my 3rd day since i took the exam...i do not lose hope though that one day i'll see my name in their lists...

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