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i am nursing student..going to give RN nclex exam.i do not have any knowledge which books to read..what to study and how to prepare for exam .can any one guide me please...??????... Read More

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    Find the book that best fit your learning type. I purchased LOTS of nclex books and Saunders being one. But for whatever reason, Saunders was not for me...too wordy and redundant and switched to Hogan which was a much better fit for my learning needs.

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    hello friends can u guide me which one is the best book to pas nclex RN exam saundar or kplan???bz i just wna read one from this just suggest me which one is the best to pass exam?????
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    Both books are excellent guides. I'm using both to prepare for my NCLEX RN.
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    Use BOTH.

    You owe it to yourself to do as many questions as possible...I did at least 4,000-5,000 questions before I took the NCLEX. Here are my resources:

    Kaplan Book
    Saunders NCLEX Cards (1000 questions)
    Exam Cram
    La Charity Prioritization
    NCSBN (org that gives the NCLEX) learning extension
    NCLEX review app (Lippincott) on my iPhone

    Utilized these resources in ENTIRETY for a month and a 1/2. NCSBN was 3 weeks...took the boards, got the minimum of 75 and passed the first time.

    If you truly want to use one source, go with the NCSBN if you can...I had a classmate do the 5 week program-costs as much as two review books...and "lightly" ( that is her quote) do Saunders, got the minimum and passed the first time.
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